Thursday, 11 June 2015

Tonight's IndieGo Night at The Two Brewers is for a special cause

Free music night is fundraising for Toby's Trust

IndieGo Nights is raising funds for 18-month-old Toby. 

Our next IndieGo Night at The Two Brewers on Thursday 11th June will be a special fundraising night for an incredible 18-month-old boy called Toby O’Grady. 

Toby has a rare condition called Dravet Syndrome, which means he has dozens of epileptic seizures every day, from little twitches through to prolonged seizures that can last over an hour. As a result, Toby requires powerful rescue medication and frequently has ambulances at the family home. He regularly stops breathing during the seizures and requires resuscitation. It also means that Toby’s development as a young boy has started to slow down and will decline in the near future, and the seizure control will always be an issue.

My wife and I have four children of our own and when we read Toby’s story it brought tears to our eyes. Now I’m lucky enough to be in a position where I can call on my band and some brilliant artistic friends to come along for a night and donate their time for free at our IndieGo Nights, so I called a few. Not only will they come along, but these wonderful people have offered (free of charge) some beautiful pieces of their work for auction on the night. On top of this, my band will also auction a house gig, so if you have a party coming up then we’ll come along and play at your home, either acoustic in your front room or plugged in if you have a larger room. 

The Two Brewers will be auctioning a special meal for two, and there will be plenty of other  auctions on the night. I’m sure all the artists that I haven’t yet spoke with will also want to donate something and, of course, all the proceeds will go to Toby’s Trust.

If you’re an artist or entertainer, then please email me if you would like to get involved, but we’d love for all the good people of Olney and further afield to pop along for the night, even if it’s just for a short while, to show your support for this wonderful family and this beautiful little boy who needs our help.

It will be a great free night out, and we want to do all we can to help. Please have a look at the Toby’s Trust website,, for more information. I’d like to give a big thank you to Phonebox magazine too for all their support of the IndieGo nights. 

Anyone who wants to get involved or for more information please email me at For more information about the night, go or


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