Wednesday, 27 May 2015

REVIEW: The Sound of Music at MK Theatre

Fast-paced production shines just like the original favourite

Danielle Hope stars in The Sound of Music at MK Theatre until Saturday, June 6th. 
Creating a fast-paced adaptation of the 1965 classic, The Sound of Music was absolutely excellent at MK Theatre this week.

Set in 1930s Austria, it tells the story of Maria (played by the excellent Danielle Hope). It starts with her being selected to leave her nunnery and home to work for the Von Trapp family. She immediately bonds with the children through song, singing classics such as Do-Re-Mi, and makes it her mission to help their father remarry so that they get the mother they deserve.

Danielle may be the shining star, but the entire cast excels, bringing the magical film to life on stage. We were enthralled by the music too, and a special mention should go to Jan Hartley as Mother Abbess. Her voice alone stole the show.

The story had been simplifed, but this is clearly done for practical and romantic reasons. It brings the production up-to-date, for new and old audiences alike. There was a buzz around the theatre all night, creating an electric atmosphere. I would get tickets now if you haven’t already.

Until Saturday, June 6th.


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