Friday, 1 May 2015

REVIEW: Northern Ballet's Wuthering Heights at MK Theatre

Consuming love story recreated for ballet novices and lovers 

Wuthering Heights is at MK Theatre until Saturday. 

For most of the audience at MK Theatre on Tuesday evening, Wuthering Heights is a well-known tale. Telling the consuming love story of Cathy and Heathcliff’s passionate relationship, Emily Bronte’s classic novel is always a tricky one to recreate.

The two childhood sweethearts are separated after Cathy accidentally hurts herself at a neighbour’s house, soon being drawn into their society. But it ends in tragedy when they can't let their past go.

Northern Ballet’s dance adaptation showed this tragic tale in a completely new way. The early stages of the two lovers playing on the moor as children are lovely to watch, as they play and tumble across the stage. And the sequence when Isabella arrives to see Heathcliff makes for uncomfortable viewing – exactly as it should be.

David Nixon’s choreography focuses on the main parts of the novel, and it comes across brilliantly. Each step linked to the story, and the professional dancers made it look effortless. The simple set even captures the wild and untameable moors, as well as the elegance of the Linton mansion. The brilliant orchestra should be mentioned too.

For any ballet novice, this adaptation of Wuthering Heights is a brilliant choice. It’s not one of the best-known classics (i.e Swan Lake), but it doesn’t need to be. It brings ballet to a whole new audience.

Until Saturday.


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