Tuesday, 11 March 2014

How did we get here?

It's not often that we back-track our trains of thought out loud to work out where our conversations started, but this is something I found myself doing last night in a local Newport pub having a post-work drink with a few friends. Stopping ourselves in fits of laughter as we had ended up talking about relationships, from the new film 'her' where a guy falls in love with a female Operating system (apparently, I haven't seen it!) to catfish, to pretending to be pregnant to get away with eating more food… we stopped to work out how we had arrived at these bizarre topics, and it turned out the conversation sparker had been me telling them about writing a feature on fracking for the Phonebox magazine. Fracking, probably one of the least interesting topics for a group of girls to be discussing in the pub, and yet we had found ourselves talking about one loosely related thing to another... Along the way also discussing how one would keep track of their kids while out shopping (introducing conversations about tracking devices, mobile apps and voice activated controls) as well as reminiscing over our childhoods- 'accidentally' stealing trikes, and all things Scottish. So what, you might say, but I'd challenge you to think back in those bizarre conversations you may have down the pub, because realising how you managed to get from one topic to another can actually be more funny than the conversation itself… or maybe we'd just had a few too many J20s…

The national day yesterday was the day of awesomeness: 'A day for celebrating all things awesome, and everything awesome that you, your friends, and everybody else does.' I think random pub conversations can fall into this category!


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