Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Wonderland at Milton Keynes Theatre – A whole new adventure for the Alice in us all.

A superb modern day retelling of the children’s classic Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. It’s absolutely bonkers, as you should expect from this story by now.

Hailed by critics as ‘nothing short of spine-tingling’, I must agree! The essence of the original story is there, from Alice bored of her normal real-life dreaming of the desired make-believe world to the White Rabbit and friends, this musical brings everything to life beautifully. The powerful vocals of the leading ladies enchanted the audience and carried us through the plot. The cast was outstanding and I especially enjoyed Natalie McQueen as the Mad Hatter – my what a set of lungs she has!!

The story is modernised with Alice, single mum and her daughter living in a towerblock, disillusioned, not knowing what to do or how to change. The musical takes us on an adventurous exploration of who we are, with a few hilarious transformations through the looking glass and a few topical jokes as well.

Look out for a groooovy caterpillar, flares and all and a curiouser and curiouser stage as we’re tumbling through the rabbit hole, the visuals were stunningly executed and captured the wonder of this tale perfectly.

I have finished my jam tart!

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The show is at Milton Keynes Theatre until Saturday 22nd July

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