Wednesday, 12 July 2017

REVIEW: Jane Eyre at Milton Keynes Theatre

Jane Eyre at MK Theatre

10th July 2017

It’s been a long time since I read the story of Jane Eyre so was delighted to see this modern re-enactment of the story under the theatrical direction of Sally Cookson.
The whole play was outstanding. I particularly liked its use of drama conventions for example the voices in the head of Jane telling us her diverse thoughts on any given situation.
For those who may have forgotten the story the tale tells of a poor Jane Eyre, an orphan who was a feisty child and given little love. Eventually she becomes the governess for the child of a strange but powerful man that is Rochester. They soon fall for each other but as in all romances on stage It’s not going to go smoothly as he hides a terrible secret.
The ten actors played multiple parts which were seamless in their enactment although Nadia Clifford who played Jane Eyre only played her own character effortlessly from child to adult. What an amazing feat.
The stage set was minimal as the skill really rested with the music, lighting, sound and of course the actors. The audience could use their own imagination to fill in the rest. The team of actors was exceptional and the story was held together by the strong vocals of Bertha Mason with her haunting melodies.
I'm not sure if we were supposed to laugh at the actor who played the dog but he certainly got my attention. I think it was a delightful distraction from the grim storyline.
If you want to see theatre at its very best then do go to see this production.
Jane Eyre is on at MK Theatre till the 15th July.
Tickets from or telephone 0844 871 7652 (booking fee applies)

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