Tuesday, 31 May 2016

REVIEW: Annie at MK Theatre

Annie at Milton Keynes Theatre

Set in 1930s New York, Annie and the other orphans are forced to live under Miss Hannigan’s rule; much to their dismay, they spend all day working, cleaning and sewing. Suddenly, when the opportunity arises for an orphan to spend two weeks at Oliver Warbucks’ mansion, Annie can’t believe her luck when she is chosen! With several obstacles along the way and several hundred couples claiming to be Annie’s biological parents, the performance ends just the way the audience hopes.

A tale of good fortune, love and family, this is such a fantastic production. With brilliant singers, dancers and actors, it was very believable, and the audience were really routing for Annie to find a happy home. What’s more, with its award-winning score, the orchestra really stood out and played very memorable songs such as Easy Street and Tomorrow. 

Best known for playing Dorien Green in Birds of a Feather, Lesley Joseph, played such a brilliant role as Miss Hannigan. She was witty, very funny, and everything I hoped Miss Hannigan would be!

And one cuddly cast member I can’t forget to mention is adorable Amber the Labradoodle, who played Annie’s dog, Sandy. She was so cute, obedient, and had the audience captured by her constantly wagging tail! At just two years old, she definitely has big things ahead of her.

Running from: 30th May – 4th June
Tickets: visit atgtickets.com or call 0844 871 7652

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