Friday, 13 March 2015

Theatre District MK up for a re-vamp

The Theatre District
The Theatre District in central Milton Keynes has a pretty good selection of restaurants, and of course the theatre, but in recent years it has become something of a ghost town, not picking up the same amount of interest as many other areas of the city.

With the large number of restaurants and attractions in Milton Keynes, there is a huge choice for people when choosing where to eat or drink, particularly among the chain restaurants which are at the Theatre District as well as many other areas in Milton Keynes, including the shopping centre, Xscape, Kingston and now the new MK Stadium restaurant area. With so much of the same, there needs to be something more than just the food attracting visitors, and this is where the Theatre District has been struggling a bit lately, often seeming very quiet and dead, particularly during the day.

However, all this is set to change, with a whopping £20million development plan which was granted just this week. The plan is set to create over 100 jobs, and will be completed in late 2016. The plan includes building a Premier Inn hotel with 130 rooms, as well as 234 square metres of retail and 994 square metres of leisure, which is likely to include restaurants and bars.

Jonathan Manns, Colliers International Planning Director who advised on the development, says: "In rejuvenating and expanding the Theatre District these plans also improve the wider public realm and enhance links to existing shopping facilities..."

Jack Paravicini of Bursha Holdings commented: "We're keen to create a 'family friendly' area with a vibrant daytime and evening economy that increases footfall and supports the adjacent gallery and theatre."

With a bit of work (£20 million worth!) it's hoped that the Theatre District will be back in the runnings in competing with Milton Keynes' other leisure areas. The building of a Premier Inn hotel in such a central location is sure to be hugely popular, and the surrounding restaurants and bars will be sure to benefit as a result of the customers it will attract.

On top of all this, intu Milton Keynes has also just announced a new development, a major face-lift which will feature a five-screen boutique cinema, new shops and green spaces. The development could cost up to £70 million, and would be the most significant development the city centre has seen in over a decade. Pictures and information about the proposal are on display until 22nd March.
Proposal for intu Milton Keynes development
How do you feel about all this development? In a time where landmarks such as the Point are being demolished, is it right that money is being put into expanding and re-doing the already more modern areas?

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