Tuesday, 9 December 2014

MK Winter Night Shelter

As the weather gets colder, a thought has to be spared for those without a home in Milton Keynes. Sleeping rough on the streets is a dangerous and cold thing to have to do at any time of year, but when the winter months come, life for the homeless gets a lot tougher.

Winter Night Shelter MK aims to make life a little easier for the homeless in Milton Keynes, providing warm and safe accommodation with a hot meal, bed and breakfast through the months of december to mid-March. A variety of organisations, churches and community centres take it in turns to host a different night of the week, with around 15 homeless people coming to stay each night. They are provided with a meal, entertainment, a bed for the night and breakfast in the morning, a service which is hosted and run by volunteers.

Last winter there were 8 different locations hosting the night shelter, providing 1,096 bed nights over 91 days. Not only are the homeless looked after while at the shelters, the team also aim to help them further than just the night. Winter Night Shelter MK funds a welfare officer who works with those affected by homelessness, aiming to help rebuild their lives through signposting alcohol and drug services and by helping individuals find work and housing. Last year, the night shelter helped 48 guests find longer term accommodation, making a positive impact which extends further than just a night.

This year's Winter Night Shelter kicked off this week, and will now continue to run over the winter months. If you want to get involved or find out more about this great scheme and the work they are doing, visit the website of their Facebook page.

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