Monday, 1 December 2014

Advent Begins!

The countdown is on! It's officially December and the advent calendars are started today! What type of advent calendar do you and your family have, if you have one that is... Is it a cardboard one, an advent candle, or the standard chocolate advent calendar which is probably most popular nowadays. Did you get round to taking some inspiration from the 'upcycled' feature in the Phonebox magazine and make an advent calendar for yourselves to hold a small gift, made out of fabric or toilet roll tubes? We'd love you to share your pictures on our Facebook page if you did!

Whatever type of advent calendar it is, there's something exciting about counting down the days in this way, you really notice how fast time flies when you've got a little door to open each day. 1 day down, 23 more to go (or 24 if you've got one of those rare advent calendars which gives you a door to open on Christmas day!)

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