Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Top City Breaks

We're on the approach to 'V-day' and whether you want to sweep a loved one off their feet this Valentines weekend, or just want to escape away with friends, we've come up with a selection of weekend city breaks that should do the job. You've just got enough time to get planning, but don't leave it too much longer!

1. Paris

The stereotypical city of romance, Paris may not be the most imaginative place for a romantic break, but there's a reason why it's famous. Visit the Eiffel tower at sunset and watch the sun go down as the lights come on, and pay a visit to one of the love lock bridges, Pont des Arts or Pont de l'Archevêché, and join the hundreds of others putting their initials onto padlocks and locking it to the bridge. As well as this, theres the countless number of art galleries to visit, a good option if the weather is a bit chilly, and of course Notre Dame is a sight not to be missed. Paris is the perfect spot for a weekend, which could be filled with visiting places and enjoying the scenery, or having a more relaxed look around. The choice is yours!

2. Barcelona

If youre after something a little warmer, Barcelona might be just the thing. Close enough to visit for the weekend, the cultural city offers a number of activities, from admiring the architecture to visiting the museums and galleries, to just strolling along the beach. There are a huge number of parks to enjoy, and its a place especially interesting to those with an interest in history. For the football fans, there is of course the football stadium to see, and then there are the numerous street markets if football doesnt float your boat!

3. Scotland

It wont be warm, but Scotland is beautiful all year round, and maybe youll catch a bit of early year snow while youre there to add to the scenery! With lots to see why not make it a road trip, and see the two famous cities, Glasgow and Edinburgh, as well as the beautiful coastline and national park areas further north. Enjoy Scottish food, culture and history, and if youre after a romantic weekend, find a  holiday cottage somewhere where youll be able to enjoy some scenic walks.

4. Venice

A slightly more expensive option, yet a great choice nonetheless. Venice is another traditionally romantic spot, but also easily serves a number of purposes for a weekend city break. See the famous sights, such as the bell tower of St Mark and the Basilica di San Marco, have a ride on a gondola along the famous canals of Venice, and visit the numerous street markets and quaint shops, selling a variety of interesting souvenirs.

5. Berlin

Famous for many things, the chocolate and food have given Berlin particular fame over the years, so sampling some local cuisine is a must. There is a great art scene, and a great deal of history including a number of museums, and of course you can walk the Berlin wall to really travel back in time. For the shopaholics amongst you- Berlin holds Europe’s largest department store. What more could you want?!

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