Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Cilla the Musical

Cilla the Musical at MK Theatre

26th September 2017

A most amazing production and performance by all but especially Kara Lily Hayworth as Cilla.

The show portrays the early career of Cilla Black through to 1967 and was written by Jeff Pope, directed and produced by Bill Kenwright and produced by Laurie Mansfield.

This excellent production combines the excitement of the music of the times, with excellent playing and singing of all the musical cast, with the drama and intrigue of Brian Epstein”s (Andrew Lancel) life and his skill at guiding his protege’s careers’ within the vibrant music business of the time.

The show also features George Martin (Tom Sowinski) who’s skill at music production was crucial to The Beatles sound and development through their albums once they had stopped touring.

The versatility of the musicians and the accurate interpretation of all the famous songs of the time was great, a special mention should go to Carl Au as Bobby Willis, Cilla’s manager and eventual husband, who’s singing voice blended so well with Kara Liily’s voice in the duets together.

Cilla’s mum and dad (Pauline Fleming and Neil Macdonald) ably carried a few running gags
through the show.

The acoustics of the MK Theatre were as usual very good and carried the thrill of the music, the stage set was extremely flexible and conveyed the scenes and atmosphere being portrayed from the Cavern club at the start of Cilla’s career, to the terrace housing and then the studio at Abbey Road, and the Ed Sullivan show in the States, complete with the Mamas and Papas laying California Dreaming.

It was great to see the excellent costumes portraying the period fashions so well.

A great show for all the family too.

Cilla runs at MK Theatre until Saturday 30th September. Tickets are available from

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