Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Grease, is the word: 28th August 2017

With Tom Parker, Danielle Hope, Louisa Litton and George Olney.
Staging and choreography by Arlene Phillips.

The show developed in early 1970 by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, was first staged as an amateur production in 1971, it opened just off Broadway on February 14th 1972, it won 7 Tony awards.
The first UK production was in 1973 at the New Theatre London.
The famous film with Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta was released in 1978.

Based loosely on Warren’s experience as a late 1950’s high school teacher and the interaction of the greasers, their girlfriends and the great rock and roll music of the era, and of course on the hot-rod cars of the day.

I have to say that I haven’t seen the film but was very aware of the hit songs and their video clips, I did however know the story.

I found the show and performances very exuberant, possibly a little too in your face, however the songs were all well performed and the dancing very good.
George Olney was particularly good as the Teen Angel, a great voice.

The band too were excellent, and looked good in their setting above the back of the stage.

Despite that fact that there were quite a lot of youngish children in the audience early teens and younger I am not sure that it could be taken as a family show with the handling of some of the sexual/romantic content, periods and pregnancy.

The acoustics of the MK Theatre were as usual very good, the stage set was flexible and conveyed the scenes being portrayed.

The costumes beautifully portray the fashions of the period.

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