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REVIEW: Dick Whittington at MK Theatre

Dick Whittington at Milton Keynes Theatre

13th December 2016


A truly mad old English tradition – the Pantomime!  A noun described in the Oxford Dictionary as ‘An absurdly exaggerated piece of behaviour’, well that’s exactly what you can expect from this year’s panto at Milton Keynes theatre and it was fabulous.

From dazzling costumes to vibrant stage sets that changed from scene to scene, audience participation to topical jokes, it was great fun all round.

This year we saw Stacey Solomon as Fairy Bowbells and Samantha Womack as Queen Rat, good versus evil to keep the audience in peril with a sprinkling of hope for dear Dick and his friends. Kev Orkian starred as Idle Jack, a narrator, entertainer, joker, story-teller, funny-man – he did great at involving us all in the show. Kevin Brewis, Chris Jenkins, Hannah Ponting, Marc Pickering, Shane Knight and Sophie Hart completed the ensemble and we could see and feel how much fun they were having playing their parts – which made it all the more enjoyable to watch.

Although everybody’s performance was flawless, right down to Tommy the cat and the swarms of rats, my absolute favourite character of them all was Sarah The Cook. Played by Kevin Brewis, this year’s Dame was truly outrageous with quintessential, flamboyant costumes, colourful make-up and witty, sassy lines.

The show takes you with Dick on his journey from rags to riches, meeting his friends and foes along the way. Mix a timeless story with topical references, some musical hits and even a surprise immersive underwater adventure – it’s Christmas entertainment at it’s best for all the family.

Book Tickets now! Dick Whittington is at Milton Keynes Theatre until 15th January 2017. 
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