Tuesday, 15 November 2016

REVIEW: Relatively Speaking at MK Theatre

Relatively Speaking by Alan Ayckbourn

Milton Keynes Theatre, Monday 14th November 2016.



This was a most enjoyable performance from beginning to end, with just four players, the story funnily portrays misinterpretation, based on the assumption of facts that are not quite as they seem to the four characters. Particularly to the young man Greg, who is unaware of the complicated romantic history of his new girl friend Ginny and the people he thinks are her parents.

We are introduced to the young couple in a dodgy London bedsit, before moving to a comfortable detached house in South Buckinghamshire commuter belt of the early 1960's, where the story and the situation unfolds most cleverly.

The dialogue is clearly presented with just the right amount of pauses to allow the audience to laugh, but to also keep a smooth flow in the performance.
However this is what you would expect from such experienced actors as Robert Powell and Lisa Goddard, but they are more than ably supported by Lindsey Campbell and Antony Eden as the young couple.

The two sets excellently show a scruffy bedsit in London and then the detached property in Buckinghamshire ,with lots on means for the characters to enter and exit the performing area.

The audience all seemed to enjoy the humour and performances of the play, they also found great interest in the "home counties map" that hung as a curtain before the two acts.
The map was pre-motorway so showed a different England than you would see today for road and rail routes.

The play was first known as “Know My Father” in 1965, but soon became Relatively Speaking when it was presented in London in 1967.

Relatively Speaking is running at MK Theatre until Saturday 19th November. Tickets are available from www.atgtickets.com/shows/relatively-speaking/milton-keynes-theatre

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