Wednesday, 27 April 2016

REVIEW: Northern Ballet: Swan Lake at MK Theatre

Northern Ballet: Swan Lake at Milton Keynes Theatre

Adored by audiences for over a hundred years, Swan Lake is the most famous ballet in the world and tells a story of grief, love and desire.  The fantastic dancers brought the ballet to life and, paired with Northern Ballet Sinfonia, the performance was stunning and memorable.

The dancing between Javier Torres and Ayami Miyata as Anthony and Odette was especially mesmerising and captivated the audience’s attention from the moment they met at the lake. Through their elegant and enchanting dancing style they told the story beautifully. The infectious melodies of Tchaikovsky’s music score worked brilliantly with this contemporary version of a treasured classic.

The set was simple but worked well and didn’t draw attention away from the production and dancing itself. The lakeside scene with swaying reeds and overhanging trees was particularly cheerful and the Lighting team did a fantastic job of taking the audience through Anthony and Odette’s journey from beginning to end with glittering sunrises, picturesque sunsets and ethereal underwater scenes.

The costumes were modest yet elegant and flowed beautifully with David Nixon’s choreography. I was a little disappointed that Odette didn’t have a much more extravagant costume to make her stand out as the swan princess, however after watching her dance, it became clear that her dexterous, graceful movements alone were enough and I was absorbed by her. 

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