Tuesday, 16 February 2016

REVIEW: Derren Brown – Miracle at MK Theatre

Derren Brown: It's a miracle!

Derren Brown’s show, Miracle, definitely lives up to its title. Unlike anything we've seen before; the performance was intriguing, unusual and full of surprises! He began the show by giving such an impressive display of mind-reading, telling the audience exactly what they are thinking from their names to numbers. His act is a mixture of tricks and hypnotism in an intriguing combination. The second half was certainly something to remember with a fantastic demonstration of all that Derren Brown does so well. This involved an act of group hypnosis although some might say group psychosis!  Of course the audience were sworn to secrecy so we can't give too much away but suffice to say if you have any aches and pains then they will be gone by the end of the show! You just have to believe! 

Not only is Derren enthralling and captivating, he also knows how to command an audience. The audience seemed so at ease with him, and many happily volunteered including some of us sceptical press which added to the hilarity. We were like putty in his hands!

The show also makes you question how he’s carrying out such amazing mentalism. Is he using body language to sway people? Is he planting suggestions that the audience doesn’t notice? It’s such a clever show. You will love it!

There is still time to see Derren Brown at Mk Theatre till Saturday 20th February.

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