Monday, 9 February 2015

The February Garden

February is still feeling pretty wintry, and while there may be a few shoots coming up, we've still got a while to go before spring really arrives. So what can you do in the garden in February?

Well, February is mainly the month for cutting the winter shrubs and foliage back to keep it neat, and pruning those shrubs to encourage growth in the spring. You'll need to protect any vulnerable plants from the frost if you haven't already, by wrapping them in insulation such as garden fleece, and raise pots and containers off the ground where possible.

In your vegetable bed you can start sowing vegetable seeds such as leeks, onions and celeriac under cover. The outside vegetable bed won't be ready just yet, but you can prepare it by removing the weeds and forking in plenty of compost, then cover it with plastic to warm it up ready for spring planting.

In the fruit garden it's mainly just pruning to be done. Stone fruit trees can be planted now.

Around February is the time to order any seeds and plants, so you can plan your spring garden from the warmth and comfort of your armchair. You can also give your gardening equipment a check, to make sure it's all ready for spring, get the lawn mower serviced and make sure the shears aren't rusty. It might also be worth checking garden centre sales, as this could be the perfect time to get hold of some great value pots and gardening equipment at a great price!

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