Sunday, 28 September 2014

Environmental Education

It’s often being said that we need to take better care of our environment and ensure that the next generation grow up knowing about and caring for nature, and most would agree this is the case. But how do we provide this information in a practical way? Environmental education is a key factor in preserving and cultivating the nature around us, and Milton Keynes is on the way to creating something which will hopefully enable this in a big way.

A £500,000 environmental education and visitor centre is currently being built in Howe Park Wood, Milton Keynes, and is set to open in October. The centre will contain classrooms, meeting rooms, an outside decked area and new pond dipping platforms. Set in a beautiful ancient woodland setting, the centre will provide some key steps towards conservation and will help to teach children and adults alike about nearby wildlife and nature and how to help preserve it. Bird and bat boxes will be situated throughout the woodland and boxes for plants and insect homes will also be built. The centre will incorporate low carbon technologies in order to make it even more environmentally friendly, including an air source heat pump and solar panels. This is set to be a great resource for the community, and will hopefully play a big part in helping educate many about nature and how to take care of it.

Recycling is one way of being more environmentally friendly, and is key to preventing unnecessary waste and tree felling, but learning about nature at a more grassroots level can really change the way we think, and is especially important for children.

The centre is hoping to celebrate its opening next month with a week of events and activities, and will go on to be used by schools, local groups, families and more from then on. Make sure you pay it a visit when it’s open and find out more about your local environment, you may be surprised at what wildlife lives right on your doorstep!

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