Saturday, 28 June 2014

Sainsbury's in Olney?!

The recent consultations regarding a Sainsbury's potentially being built in Olney has caused quite a mixed reaction. Whether the news has left you eager to get shopping or ready to wage war, your view is likely to be shared by many in Olney.

So what are the proposals? Well Sainsbury's want to build a 22,000 square foot supermarket at Warrington Road and Lavendon Road, and would include a petrol station. The store would create 160 jobs, an obvious positive, as well as a more convenient shopping location for Olney residents. On the other hand, a large store would inevitably create yet more traffic through the already busy town, and could possibly take customers away from some of the local stores which have been running for years. However, are people more concerned with keeping tradition and preventing busy roads, or would most rest in favour of having a local supermarket in a convenient location?

If you have a view to share or questions to be asked, make sure you get along to the public consultation at the Olney Centre on Friday 4th July from 2-7pm, and Saturday 5th July 10am-2pm, where members of Sainsbury's development team will be discussing the proposals and answering questions. Comments forms will be available for visitors to leave feedback.

Research which Sainsbury's are using as one of the needs for the store include figures showing that 73% of people currently leave Olney to do the majority of their shopping. Is this a valid reason do you think? Do you find you have to do your shopping elsewhere if you live in Olney? Maybe that's what you prefer to do?! We'd love to hear your views, please comment below or send us an email:

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