Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Olney in bloom

Businesses in and around Olney each exhibited a piece of work for Olney in bloom. The breif was simple, 'to celebrate flowers'. Phonebox Magazine also had the opportunity to enter and I was charged with the task.
My piece for Olney in Bloom depicts a day in the life of the Little Prince and his love, a rose, that he nourished after she mysteriously started growing on his Asteroid B-612. 
The Little Prince bestowed all his affection upon the rose, listened and conversed with her and made her a screen glass globe when she desired to be protected from the cold. The Little Prince’s affections unintentionally inflame the rose’s vanity and eventually she demands too much from him. Feeling exploited he decides to leave his home and embark on a journey across the cosmos. Before he leaves, however, the rose apologises for her cruelty and they reconcile. 

I thought the Little Prince’s story to be a perfect example of our love for flowers and the effort we exert to help them bloom. 

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