Friday, 10 May 2013

The Paradox of Abuse (April Phonebox p39)

The Times today are featuring Eli Ward’s story on it’s front page with a double page inside spread on pages 6 and 7. Eli first came to see us in March regarding his story and after talking to Eli and some research we decided to print the story in our April issue. 
Eli’s article was very brave, powerful and insightful. His intention was that it would reach others with any similar experiences and show them that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
The Times article is very comprehensive and well written and we think you should also read it. We do have a copy in the office in case you missed it, and a copy of the article that appeared in the Phonebox Magazine, just pop in and ask for a copy. We also have some information on the charity which Eli found help with (see below).

Climb Your Mountain:
Eli found the charity Climb Your Mountain (CYM) when he was at his lowest ebb, and found the help they provided invaluable. More information can be found on CYM in the May and June issues of Phonebox Magazine or by visiting their website
They also can be emailed here or by phone on 01908 231 275.  
Climb Your Mountain is based in Milton Keynes and is reliant upon people donating money, fundraising, doing challenges and trips so they can provide all these educational and support services.
They offer Confidence courses, Financial workshops, and Free advice as well as running clubs, walking groups, fitness classes and a cycling club.
So if you feel you need their help, do not hesitate to contact them.
Eli’s name was left off our April edition, after discussing it with him, because of legal reasons, but now things have changed and he feels that by going public it would help anyone in need of help.
We agree with him fully.
Editor (Phonebox Magazine)

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