Saturday, 10 May 2014

World Fair Trade Day

Today is World Fair Trade day! - A day set apart to draw attention to the work and objectives of the Fair Trade movement. The idea of the Fair Trade movement is basically what it says on the tin; to help improve the lives of workers and small producers, particularly in developing countries.

Fair Trade has become the leading movement in promoting social justice today, supporting producers and encouraging consumers to choose fair trade products when shopping. The theme of this year's world fair trade day is 'fair trade people', which is to celebrate the people of fair trade, both producers and consumers. Through raising awareness of the unfair ways in which all too many people are treated in the trade industries all over the world, the hope is that consumers will be encouraged to buy fair trade products and support the cause in this way. 
Countries across the world will be celebrating today with events which recognise the contributions of fair trade initiatives. Often involving food and art, the day is a celebration of the success of the Fair Trade movement and all it has achieved so far, and raising awareness in the hope that the achievements will continue to increase as time goes on... so go for it, what can you buy today with a fair trade logo on it? A bag of fair trade bananas? Or even a fair trade bottle of wine, show your support for the day in this little way!

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