Tuesday, 6 May 2014

World asthma day

World asthma day is an initiative organised by the global initiative for asthma (GINA) in order to raise awareness and improve the treatment of asthma around the world.

It began in 1998, and has been held on the first Tuesday of May ever since. A condition which affects around 235 million people worldwide, and over five million in the UK, it seems only right that a day be dedicated to raising awareness of asthma and how to deal with it. The day has a specific theme each year, and this year the theme is: "You can control your asthma", and the sub theme "It's time to control asthma".

Through days such as today, it is hoped that by raising awareness, the number of people affected by asthma will decrease significantly, and the effects of the condition will be less. For those with asthma, it can be potentially fatal, and so learning how to deal better with the condition can clearly save lives- awareness and preparation are key!

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