Thursday, 29 May 2014

What's on at the movies?

It seems to be a good week for film releases this week, there's a lot on for you to check out at the weekend! Here's just a few to get you inspired...

You may have seen these guys in 50 first dates, so it's a little bizarre to be seeing them together again in a different movie, but 'Blended' is well worth a watch. Laugh-out-loud funny, touching and a great story, this film is set to be loved by all the family. 'Blended' tells the story of a couple who get stuck together in Africa, along with their children, after a disastrous blind date! Out now in cinemas, this is one not to be missed!



'Maleficent' tells the previously untold story of Disney's villainess from the tale of Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent. Starring Angelina Jolie (with some crazy looking cheekbones!), this story tells the 'other side' of the tale; what caused Maleficent to curse Sleeping Beauty and why was she so 'evil'? Another great one for all the family, although the little ones may be hiding their eyes at points! Disney have done it again in producing a great movie!

While we're beginning to loose count of the number of X-Men films we've now seen, it can never be a disappointment to see another one on the screens...can it?! 'X-Men, days of future past' stars the ultimate X-Men cast as they fight across two time periods. This time-travelling, action-packed performance is set to grab your attention from start to finish, and while you may think it's all been done before, this film yet again brings something new to the table.

A remake of the old classic, 'Godzilla' is now new and improved with 21st century effects. An action packed movie, this reinvention delivers great characters and an awesome spectacle. A battle between the radiation-enhansed Godzilla and humankind- who will win?!

One for the kids! Possibly worth avoiding if you remember the original Postman Pat as this chap looks a little different, but nonetheless, see Postman Pat as you've never seen him before! Postman Pat enters a talent show and the film sees a robot take his place as postman! See what happens in Pat's first CGI animated big screen family movie!

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