Monday, 5 May 2014

May: National Barbecue Month

Apparently, May is National Barbecue month, and so what more of an excuse could you need to get out there and 'throw some shrimps on the barbie' (only for the saying's sake, I'd much rather stick to the typical sausages and burgers myself!) It does mean it's that time of year to clean the winter muck off the barbecue if you left it outside over the colder months (now who would do that?!) and find your tongs and apron.

Now's a good opportunity to have a look at some bbq recipes, and try something different for this year's parties and bbq gatherings. There are some really unusual things you can try on the bbq, how about some veggie skewers, try vegetables such as peppers, zucchini, corn, aubergines, courgette and onions to create a healthy, flavoursome snack or meat replacement for the vegetarian option. For a spicy, meat-skewer option, why not try some jerk pork skewers; pork, pineapple and jerk seasoning to create a spicy Caribbean taste. Of course you have the classic burgers and sausages, and if you're looking to do something different with them why not try lamb burgers instead of beef, or make your own beef burgers with added seasoning and/or spices. Bbq season has only just begun, we're thinking we can get a fair few in over the next month! Hopefully the weather will cooperate with these plans!

For a few bbq recipes, have a look on Jamie Oliver's website, or on the BBC good food site, you'll find a few ideas to get your national bbq month off to a flying start!

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