Friday, 2 May 2014

Is MK getting greener?

In the April issue of the Phonebox magazine, we told you about a company introducing electric charging points at their offices in a bid to try and be more 'green' and environmentally friendly. The issue of protecting the environment has always been a huge one, and today it seems there are more options and ways than ever before, for individuals to be able to make a small difference. Electric cars are a fairly new thing but seem to be becoming more and more popular, with the hybrid option also particularly popular. Cities especially seem to be stepping up their green transportation ideas...

Milton Keynes is one of the leaders in this, with a fleet of electric buses zipping around the city. Milton Keynes is the first place in the UK to be proudly running the first all-electric bus route, still in it's early days, the buses are set to be reviewed to see how their usage and efficiency compare to the previous diesel vehicles, our guess is that they can surely only be better than before, but we shall see! The electric transport is definitely quieter, which on the whole is a positive, but as with everything, there have been complaints. A fair point is that they may be slightly more dangerous for pedestrians, who may not be able to hear the vehicle coming. Maybe there needs to be more emphasis on making people aware that new cars and buses might be quieter, and reminding them that they need to look as well as listen when crossing roads etc. While these types of transport are still in the minority, and are a relatively new concept, the fact remains the same that every little does help and so they are just steps in the right direction. Obviously the best for the environment would be if everyone walked or cycled, but that's not going to be viable for the majority we don't think!

What do you think about the new electric transportation?

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