Thursday, 8 May 2014

This month's recipe...

If you haven't noticed already, each month we have a recipe for you to try out in the Phonebox magazine, and this month we've gone for a Mallorcan recipe! Find it in the online magazine here, or use the image below. It's a pretty straightforward recipe, and is basically tomato and garlic bread but the simplicity doesn't take away from the taste. It's a quick and easy food which can be eaten as breakfast, lunch or dinner, or as a snack, so is well worth giving it a try!

If you missed last month's recipe, have a look here and learn how to make some yummy Wodehill cheese and Taylor's mustard scones (image below).  Made from local ingredients, this is another versatile recipe which can be eaten hot or cold, with fillings or on its own, and is again a fairly simple one to master! 

Enjoy! :)

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