Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Saint Patrick's day

So yesterday was Saint Patrick's day- did you celebrate it?! I always find it a bit bizarre how the day has become such a big thing in the UK, understandably it will be so for the Irish, as Saint Patrick's day is their cultural and religious holiday, but why do so many others seem to celebrate it? Do we really know what the day is about or just want an excuse to drink Guinness?! I'm not too sure but am leaning toward the latter so decided to refresh my memory on what it really is about...

The 17th March is the death date of the the most commonly recognised patron saint of Ireland; Saint Patrick. Back in the 17th century, Saint Patrick's day started as a Christian feast day, celebrating the introduction of Christianity to Ireland, as well as Irish culture and heritage in general. The tradition of drinking alcohol to celebrate began with lifting the lenten ban on alcohol for the day, and with Guinness being the Irish drink of choice it has become something of a tradition. Another tradition for the day is wearing shamrocks and green clothing/accessories.

What did you get up to yesterday? Are you nursing a sore head from consuming one too many drinks in celebrating the day? Did you attend one of the many Saint Patrick's day events or parades?- There were a few here around Milton Keynes, clearly you don't have to be Irish to enjoy the holiday! Whether you celebrated or not, we hope you had a good one!

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