Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Byrne wins again!

Well hot off the press- she did it! Devon Byrne won the Olney pancake race for the third time running, and broke the record yet again by around a second!

Crowds flocked to see the race, lining the high street in the sunshine, many bustling for a good place to get some photographs from! There was a great sense of community as many came out to watch the race, as well as the children's races which took place in the morning and also received a great support.

There were pancakes left right and centre, with both those being used in the race and also ones being made and sold in the square and by celebrity chef Lesley Waters. Spectators watched and then followed the runners as they crossed the finish line, gathering by St. Paul's church to hear the winners announced before everyone piled into the church for the annual Shriving Service.

The sun was shining for the duration of the race, and it was a great day for it! Watch this space for more photos coming soon!

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