Wednesday, 12 March 2014

"No smoking day" - "V for Victory"

No smoking day, run by the British Heart Foundation, is what it says on the tin. An opportunity for all smokers out there wanting to quit to try and go the day without smoking along with plenty of others around the country. Those taking part are also encouraged to raise money for the British Heart Foundation to help with their life-saving research, which could maybe be what you need to get you that little bit more motivated if you are looking to quit- knowing people are sponsoring you to do so I would imagine piles on a bit of (motivational) pressure! The health benefits from quitting smoking start to kick in just 24 hours after your last cigarette, which is pretty good inspiration if you're the type that thinks 'maybe tomorrow'- by tomorrow the effects could be already taking place!

There's a website dedicated to the day where you can find out some facts about smoking, reasons to quit and tips on how to stop. As well as hints and tips, the we site also includes a number of "victory stories". No smoking day this year has been given the theme "V for Victory", with the aim to inspire thousands of individuals to quit smoking for good, being more aware of the health, financial and personal victories overcome through quitting smoking.

Of course you can quite smoking on any day, but knowing that thousands of others are in the same boat as you is a pretty good motivation… For those of you working or living with quitting smokers on this day, maybe give them a bit of a wide berth, as well as support and encouragement, of course! If you're one of those quitting- good luck! You can do it!!

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