Monday, 31 March 2014

Pinch punch, last day of the month...?!

Welcome to the last day of March! April sounds so much more spring like, I'm beginning to get excited for summer...because April means spring, and spring means it's nearly summer, you see the logic?!

Regardless, it should hopefully be a sunny month coming up, I know we often get a bit of a cold and snowy spell in this month, but also we can get heatwaves, that's what we're hoping for this year, it's been far too long and cold a winter to keep it going into April! The blossom has been out a while now, and as long as the frost stays away we can expect to be seeing more flowers and blossom...and all things summery around outside.

Time to did into the Phonebox magazine and follow our latest walk (have a look at the online copy here) and enjoy some real spring-time scenery!

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