Tuesday, 25 March 2014

International waffle day

Happy international waffle day! Waffles are a great invention, most commonly eaten as desserts here in the UK, but also popular for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks... you name it, the waffle is a pretty versatile food!

Waffle day began in Sweden. The day historically (apparently) marks the beginning of spring and is celebrated by eating (lots of) waffles. I'm not entirely sure how these two are linked, but like many of these national, or international, days, the reasoning often seems irrelevant- it's just an excuse to eat waffles isn't it!

So why not make or buy some waffles this evening, try them savoury for dinner or do what I'll be doing as a dessert with some maple syrup and maybe a bit of banana... my stomach's rumbling, time to get home I think! Enjoy!

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