Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mothers day!

We at the Phonebox would like to wish all Mothers out there a very happy Mothers Day! Whatever you may be doing today, we hope that you feel valued and appreciated for all that you do every day!

Mothers day is celebrated across the world on different days, and is all about showing respect and acknowledging the hard work mothers do each day, and remembering those mothers who are no longer with us.

Mothers day is an opportunity which it would be nice to continue throughout the year, of showing appreciation to those who care for and gave birth to us, or for those who have played mother-like roles in our lives.

Mothering Sunday in the Christian church was originally (as early as the 16th century) where people returned to their mother church for a service on the fourth Sunday of Lent. As children would also be returning to their 'mother church' with their parents, they would often pick flowers for their mothers. Eventually, the tradition evolved into the modern, secular Mothering Sunday where children traditionally give cards and gifts to their mothers.

Whatever you do today, have a great Sunday!

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