Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Bletchley artwork unveiling

Artist David Appleyard is well-known for producing artwork to be displayed in the public realm. Tomorrow, a piece of his work is being unveiled by the mayor of Milton Keynes, Brian White, at the roundabout at the entrance of Bletchley station. The piece of art is titled: "NURP 40 TW 194" and takes it's name from a carrier pigeon found in the area during WW2, believed to be on it's way to Bletchley Park... a title which appears to fit well with the code-breaking themes surrounding Bletchley Park!

The artwork takes the form of a hut, which is in reference to Bletchley Park. It has been commissioned by Milton Keynes and West Bletchley councils, and was initiated in 2012 following extensive community research into the West Bletchley area.

Head to the roundabout outside Bletchley station, tomorrow (26th March) at 2pm, to see the unveiling.

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