Thursday, 2 October 2014

Name your car day- Have you?!

It's an official, national day, so we thought we'd better mention 'name your car day.' So, the question needs to be asked- have you named your car? Some people like to give their car a personality, and I suppose spending a lot of time alone together, you might want to imagine that your travelling companion has a bit of a personality. But how do you come up with a name for a car?!

Some may use the colour of the car for inspiration? Ie. Blue Bruce, Silver Sheryl, Black Bill, or maybe the type of car: Clive the Corsa, Carol the Clio, Mike the Micra? Or imagine the car to be a pet and give it a pet-themed name?... inspiration may be running low, we'd like to hear if you've named your car, and if so what is it called? We're wondering if more cars have boys or girls names?! If you haven't already, maybe today is the opportunity to give your car a name, or maybe you think it's a bit of a crazy concept, we're on the fence! Don't forget to comment on our Facebook page!

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