Sunday, 5 October 2014

British Food Fortnight ends today!

Have you been aware that today is the last day of  British Food Fortnight?! Well, it began on the 20th September and ends today, but what it is all about?

British Food Fortnight happens every year and is the opportunity to celebrate some of the best food and drink in the world, which Britain produces. On top of that, the fortnight is also home to the 'Bring home the harvest' campaign, which aims to bring back the celebration of harvest and British foods across the nation.

If you've been aware of the fortnight then maybe you've been getting involved like many others across Britain. From making sure you buy local produce, to growing your own, to getting involved in a local harvest festival, there have been a variety of ways to get involved.

British Food Fortnight was started in 2002 with a group of 10 vicars who wanted to organise activities in communities across Britain for the national food promotion. It provides a good opportunity for individuals and those working in retail and catering to pay attention to where their food comes from, and to take steps in making their produce more locally sourced. More and more pubs and restaurants can be seen to proudly advertise their British produce, and the positive reaction this tends to have has in itself become a selling point.

Many retailers, large and small alike, have held special events over the fortnight to celebrate British food, and even schools and hospitals in some areas have had a special seasonal British menu to celebrate.

If you've missed the British Food Fortnight, don't panic, the aim is mainly to raise awareness of British produce, so why not see if you can buy all British grown products the next time you're in the supermarket to show your support, or buy from a local greengrocer, butcher, baker etc. You might be surprised at how much British produce you already buy. With food produce quality as high as it is in Britain, it's well worth it, and will taste great too!

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