Friday, 24 October 2014

Dirty Dancing in Milton Keynes

Dirty Dancing is currently at MK Theatre until the 5th November, and following our interview with Roseanne Frascona in the October edition of the Phonebox magazine, we were excited to see the show for ourselves.

For both the fans of Dirty Dancing and those less acquainted with the film, this show is one which gets feet tapping and engages all, with the excellently choreographed moves and gripping storyline, it definitely feels as if the film has been brought to life.

It is hard to believe that Roseanne, who plays Baby in the show, came from an acting background with little dancing experience, as her dance moves are flawless, as are the rest of the cast's. Her resemblance to Baby from the film is uncanny, making you feel like you're really involved in the film.

The on stage connection between Baby and Johnny was electric as we watched, and feeling rather caught up in the moment, it was over before we knew it, all too soon.

The show had the classic tunes, including time of my life, as well as those famous lines of 'I carried a watermelon' and 'nobody puts baby in the corner' which Dirty Dancing has become so famous for. All in all it was a great night, and we can't recommend it highly enough! Dirty Dancing will be in Milton Keynes for another two weeks yet, so do get along there if you can.

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