Saturday, 11 October 2014

Brighter lights for the MK Redways

The walkways of Milton Keynes, also known as the redways, are something of a rarity for a city of its size. They give the public a safe way of getting around the city without having to come into contact with main roads, and has become something which Milton Keynes is pretty well-known for.

However, these routes are well-underused, and as a result, Milton Keynes council are taking steps to make them more appealing. In time, all redway lights are set to be replaced with energy-efficiant LED lights. On top of this, a further 500 lights are planned, which adds to the 600 that were added last year, and vegetation will be cut back to make the redways more accessible and visible, to help pedestrians and cyclists feel safer.

As well as safety, the lights are also a step towards energy-saving, with the new lights estimated to reduce carbon dioxide by up to 300 tonnes each year, which is the amount needed to power around 100 houses. This will eventually save about 3% on the council's overall energy bill. A seemingly small percentage, but a step in the right direction.

This is all part of the council's £50m highway investment programme, which includes resurfacing stretches of the gird roads, roundabouts and new and improved signage. The redways are a great way for cyclists and pedestrians to travel safely, and yet it is true that they are underused as there are all too often cyclists on the busy grid roads, causing hazards for both themselves and drivers. Hopefully the redways can become safer and better used with these planned improvements, keep an eye out for the new lights!

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