Friday, 31 October 2014

A Night of Hope

Tonight is Halloween, and while you may have been ready to carve your pumpkins with scary faces and getting ready for some 'safe scares', World Vision are using Halloween to highlight the reality of life for children in Syria, for whom a 'scary' night happens every night.

This Halloween, World Vision are asking that you carve a heart into your pumpkin instead of a scary face, to show the children of Syria that they have not been forgotten and turn a night of fear into a Night of Hope. As well as standing up for a cause, which you can also donate to via text, the heart pumpkins look really nice and add a different twist to the tradition of pumpkin carving!

Never carved a pumpkin before? It's actually pretty simple...

  1. Just cut around the stalk by cutting around the stem in about a 5cm radius to create a bit of a lid. 
  2. Then scoop out the filling, using a spoon, and get it as clean as you can so that more light will shine through. 
  3. Draw on and cut out your shape, a heart if you're trying out this idea, using a small knife and cutting away from yourself incase the knife slips. 
  4. Finally, pop a tea light inside the pumpkin to see the shape glow out, and position it in your window for all to see.

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