Wednesday, 1 October 2014

International Older Peoples Day

From sharing stories of the past to providing endless biscuits and tea, those of the older generation in our lives give us a lot to be grateful for. The knowledge of the past and learning about our ancestors history is important in giving us a rounded view, and hearing stories of having to go through times of war and hardship gives us something to be thankful for living in the UK in this current day and age. All too often, however, the older generation is forgotten and are not appreciated as much as they should be.
International Older Peoples Day is on the 1st October each year and was started in 1990 by the UN in order to help raise awareness of issues facing the older members of society and recognise the positive contributions they make within their communities. People are living longer nowadays, and the estimation is that by 2035 over 23% of the UK will be aged 65 or older. This is a huge proportion of our society, and it is obviously important to make sure each member feels valued and welcome.

You can celebrate this day in a variety of ways, from simply sending time with an older family member or friend, or attend one of the local ceremonies where the day will be celebrated. If you want to join in the slightly wider movement, get involved by posting a selfie with an older person. One of the aims of the day this year is to value and recognise the contributions that older people make to our society, while attempting to change the current dated image of ageing. Older people are often portrayed as frail, and while some may feel frail on the outside, they rarely do on the inside, and so this is a stereotype that needs to be shaken.
The challenge this 1st of October is to show positive images of ageing and celebrate the contributions of older people in society. So get involved, and encourage your grandparents to get involved too, by posting a selfie (you might need to explain what that is!) with someone older than you and using the hashtag: #olderpeoplesday.

Let's make the negative image of ageing a more positive one!

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