Thursday, 2 April 2015

Upcycled for you by a celebrity...

If you are a regular reader of the Phonebox magazine, you'll be aware of the 'upcyced' series, which gives different upcycling and recycling ideas each month. While researching some top ideas for you to try at home, we came across upcycling legend, entrepreneur and TV presenter, Max McMurdo. 

Max first become well known in 2007 when he appeared on the BBC2 programme, Dragons Den. His pitch of eco-friendly products saw him receive £50,000 to expand his business. Today, Max designs and creates a variety of upcycled products, with a contemporary and stylish feel while still being eco friendly. Looking at his work, it's inspiring to see how such stylish products can be made out of something old and previously disregarded as rubbish.

There's currently a competition which ends today, where you could get an item of your furniture of your choice transformed by Max himself. Maybe you want to turn a bookcase into a bench, or you've got an old bath that could become a new sofa, the possibilities are endless. Avoid having to get your DIY skills out, and have it done by a professional! For a chance to win, email a photo of the item you want upcycled with your phone number and information about the item by 6pm this evening, to this email address.

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