Wednesday, 22 April 2015

REVIEW: Lord of the Dance - Dangerous Games at MK Theatre

An electric atmosphere, but maybe needs a little updating 

FUTURISTIC: Lord of the Dance - Dangerous Games is at MK Theatre until Saturday, April 25th. 

An offshoot of the Michael Flatley-famous Lord of the Dance brand, the Dangerous Games production at MK Theatre has been directed by the iconic dancer. Don't expect him to make any appearances though (he's more of a hologram), but lead dancer Morgan Comer is more than up to the job. 
I loved the fantastic energy and skill shown by the dancers, especially Comer who held the show together by engaging with the audience. Surely Irish dancing must be one of the most technical skills to learn? The digitalised backcloth enhanced the impressive dancing on stage too. 
There wasn't much of a storyline, more a series of dances loosely connected, but then that's what everyone is there for anyway. The classic stereotypes of goodie versus baddie were there, but it was a little concerning to see a woman forcibly taken - surely damsels in distress is old hat now?  
However, I was a little unsure of the Barbie-esque nature of the women, with their long flowing locks, fixed smiles and all round glamour, but then maybe I'm just a little jealous?
Personally, a tribute to the dancing's Irish roots would have been appreciated, but then this is for a newer audience. There are even cyber soldiers, even if they were a bit incongruous. The encore had the audience on its feet clapping and cheering, a return to its Lord of the Dance roots. The atmosphere was electric. 

Until Saturday. 


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