Sunday, 12 April 2015

Free art exhibition: Created by inmates

A new exhibition opened earlier this week at MK gallery, to showcase a selection of artwork from prisoners for the next month.

The theme of the exhibition is 'Transformation'; showing the transformation in the physical sense in terms of how the material has become an art piece, but also in the sense of how getting creative has helped the prisoners improve their lives. The exhibition highlights the positive and important role that education plays in helping to shape and change lives for the better.

The artwork has been produced by Milton Keynes Offender Learning and skills students, from HMP Woodhill, HMP Springhill, HMP Hewell, HMP Sudbury, HMP Bullingdon, HMP Grendon, HMP Huntercombe and HMP Long Lartin.

The exhibition is free, and on the 17th and 24th April it will be manned by MK College Offender Learning staff who will be able to provide further information, detail and background to the work on display. The artwork has also been made into a book.

Come along to MK Gallery this month to have a look at the artwork and find out more.

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