Tuesday, 14 April 2015

£600 Million to be spent on 'deprived' Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is growing fast, and as we've recently shared, there are increasingly large numbers of houses and schools being built across the city. With this expansion and growth, it could seem that the older areas of Milton Keynes have been forgotten, but a recent announcement shows this is not the case.

£600 million has been pledged to give seven estates in Milton Keynes a facelift, with thousands of homes in areas classed as deprived set to be either demolished or regenerated. Showing that the older parts of the city are not being forgotten during the city-wide redevelopment work, the programme, titled 'RegenerationMK' aims to provide the city with better housing and public space. Regeneration MK aims to stop areas of Milton Keynes from being left behind during it's redevelopment, so that all will benefit from the work, not just those who are able to afford to buy a brand new house.

The areas included in this redevelopment phase include: Netherfield, Coffee Hall, Tinkers Bridge, North Bradville, Fullers Slade, the Lakes Estate and Beanhill. These areas were all built at the centre of the city around 45 years ago when Milton Keynes was first formed, and many were designed by award-winning architects. However, many of these homes have not been built to last, and so therefore it has now called for a huge renovation. Some people will be offered brand new homes while others will have work done to improve their current place of residence. While this work will undoubtedly take months, or more likely years to complete, it's good to hear that with all the work being done to expand the city, the original areas aren't being forgotten anymore.

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