Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Try Wheelchair Rugby, aka 'Murderball'

Wheelchair Rugby is a Paralympic sport, and is played competitively in over 25 countries around the world. The game was first developed in Canada, where it was known as 'murderball', due its aggressive and full-contact nature.

The governing body Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby, have teamed up with Milton Keynes and Stantonbury Arts and Leisure Centre to bring the sport to the town. Unlike wheelchair basketball, which has always been the most popular team sport for wheelchair users, wheelchair rugby allows for full-contact. It is one of the only full-contact disability sports, and was one of the most popular at the Paralympic Games in 2012.

Wheelchair rugby is played inside, on a court with the same measurements as a basketball court. It is a mixed-gender sport, and teams can have up to 12 players, although no more than four from each team can be on the court at any one time. Players score by carrying the ball across the goal line.

If you have a disability and are over 16 years old, there is the opportunity to try this sport in one of four upcoming taster sessions. The sessions will be held at Stantonbury Leisure centre from 1-3pm, and are run by experienced coaches, with rugby chairs provided.

The first session will run on Saturday 31st January, then Sunday 15th February, Thursday 28th February and Sunday 8th March.

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