Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Carers MK

Being a carer is a tough and demanding job in any circumstance, but when you become a carer through a family member or friend becoming ill, it is very often as a need rather than a career choice. Further still, for children and young people whose parents become ill, being a young carer can be an extremely tough job, both mentally and physically.

Thanks to charities and organisations such as Carers MK, these all-important carers can themselves be supported and cared for. Carers MK supports families and carers of all ages and offers services including counselling, social events, advice and information, training, emotional support and more, all for free.

One of the key things which Carers MK provides are support groups. There are a large number of these existing across the city, and they allow carers to meet other people who are in similar positions to them. This can really provide a sense of community, and reassurance that they are not in their position alone. It also gives them a chance to have some time out, and spend time enjoying the hobbies and activities which they often just don't have the time or opportunity to do.

If you are a carer or know someone who would benefit from these services, click here for more information and to see the various support groups on offer.

The Newport Pagnell support group meets at the United Reformed Church on the High Street on the last Wednesday of the month from 1.30-3.30pm for a chance to have a coffee and chat.

The Olney support group meets at The Olney Centre on the first Thursday of the month from 2-4pm.

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