Saturday, 17 January 2015

1 month 'till the Pancake Race!

The countdown is on to one of the biggest and best events of the Olney calendar; the Olney pancake race. Each year it attracts hundreds of spectators, as well as participants, and this year, with pancake day falling in half term, the number of spectators is sure to be bigger than ever.

Each year on Shrove Tuesday, the ladies of Olney pick up their frying pans and aprons and race down the High Street, tossing a pancake as they go. Tradition states that the first race was run back in 1445, and then revived again in 1948. The story that a flustered housewife heard the church bells and realised she was late for the service, so ran from her house with her frying pan and pancake still in her hand, is supposedly how the race began, and so today the ladies race on the chime of the Shriving bell from the church at exactly 11.55am.

It's always great fun for all, with the children's races starting off the event with a number of pancake races, from the little ones up to secondary school aged children, set off by the special guests of the event. TV chef Lesley Waters will be on hand in the Market Place doing some cooking demonstrations and being on hand to mingle with the crowds and answer any food or cooking questions you might have.

Last year the race was live on itv's daybreak, but if you've somehow missed the pancake race up until now, why not make this the year you experience it for the first time. It's even an international event, which links with the pancake race in Liberal, USA, the winner with the best time between the two will be crowned the International Pancake Race winner of 2015.

The pancake race is a great event for the town, which really brings people together and gives a chance to celebrate a day which often just gets passed by.

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