Sunday, 18 January 2015

National Soup Month

January is the national month for soup, which you can understand why, with the cold weather it's the time of year you're wanting hot meals and snacks, and for those in a January health kick, it's a fairly low-calorie meal.

Soup also has a great importance though, particularly for some in our city. Milton Keynes is home to a number of soup-runs, which not only operate throughout January, but all through the year. Groups of volunteers head to meeting-points across the city, and hand out soup and sandwiches to the homeless people there. With their set stopping places, people in need know when and where to go for some warm soup, and it really is a lifeline to some of those who are sleeping rough on the streets. A number of cafes, coffee shops and restaurants are also involved, donating leftover food at the end of the day to be given to the homeless.

These volunteers head out into the cold to serve those in need, and spend time chatting and listening to those for whom life can often get quite lonely. This January, why not let the fact that it's soup month encourage you to help out, either by donations or by getting involved with the soup run yourself.

Click here to visit the MK Soup Run website for more information.

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