Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Love is in the air: Some of our top Brit couples

Tis the season for celebrating love, and so weve racked our brains to give you a selection of couples Britain can be proud to boast of

First and foremost, Kate and Wills. Their wedding was arguably the wedding of the century, and now with baby in tow, they continue to present a relationship of bliss. Of course, the royals arent going to be airing their spats and disagreements into the public domain, but just looking at this couple it is clear they are truly loved up and taking their role in the spotlight seriously. They seem to be the perfect match for one another.

David and Victoria Beckham: the picture perfect power couple. This couple proves that the footballer relationship can last, and with their involvement in the fashion industry, always look the part. While it is rare to see Victoria flashing a smile in photographs, this seems to reflect her fashion-conscious, photo-ready side, and with their ever-growing clan, the Beckham family seems to be both happy and stylish.

Some of our best-loved couples are fictional, such as the characters of David and Natalie in Love Actually, played by Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon. A classic film, set at Christmas but easily watched all year round, this relationship shows us a cute, down-to-earth girl who finds her Prince Charming and thinks it is too good to be true. Their relationship provides some welcome relief amongst some of the more messy relationships around them in the film.

Another classic fictional couple is Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, from Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice. Breaking the norms and traditions of the time in many ways, their relationship doesnt occur in the traditional, set-up way, but is oh-so romantic. The famous line from Darcy: You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you’ is well known and has stood the test of time, bringing this couple high up on our list of British bests.

Downton Abbeys Mary and Matthews relationship was a traditional British one of the time, but just as the public could enjoy the fact that theyd finally got together and had a baby, he was killed off from the show. Outrage at ITV over this one, but were sure youll agree, it was good while it lasted.

Back to the celbs, and Andy Murray and his girlfriend Kim Sears seem to be one of those quiet celebrity couples. We tend to see their relationship shown to us across a tennis court, but her continued support over the years, sitting with his Mum in almost every match he plays, shows some pretty solid dedication we think, and they look pretty good together too!

Ozzy and Sharon Osborne may not be your first choice of role models in many ways, but we have to give it to them, they seem to be standing the test of time! Through thick and thin, this couple has had their own share of troubles, but are still going, hats off to them for not giving up on their marriage!

Do you have any other favourite British couples? Leave a comment below!

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